Do It Yourself Shade Cloth Sails. How to Install Your Own Quality Shadesail and save a Fortune!

Finally, A STEP-BY-STEP How-To Manual for installing your very own PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SHADE SAIL.

Have a look at some of Andy's in depth information that can be found in DIY Shades - Shade Sails made easy!

DIY Shade – Book Cover

DIY SHADE by Bell Parc

Hello. For over a decade I’ve run a successful business designing, manufacturing… and installing quality shade cloth sails. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and summarised it into an easy to read, easy to apply manual that makes it easier than ever before for anyone to DIY a professional quality shadesail.

I can tell you from first hand experience if you follow the step-by-step instructions in this book, you are going to end up with a shadesail that looks as good as this.

Shade Sail DIY Gazebo Shadesail

 I know this because the shadesail above is just one Real Life Example of a beautiful shadesail installed by someone who had never done it before.  Using the easy to follow information this DIY’er installed this shadesail in their own backyard all by themselves.

While you’re here grab your FREE SHADESAIL REVIEW GUIDE. In it I look at some common shadesail designs!

Shadesails are a proven way to create cool and inviting outdoor areas.  We’ve taken our years of experience and condensed it into an easy to read, easy to apply handbook. Here’s the reason we believe this book will really work for you:

Because we haven’t tried to cover every single detail of every single type of shadesail installation. 

Our focus has been to “keep it simple.”

Yes, we’ve touched on some more advanced designs such as Double Cross-overs, but these are’t the focus of the book. The main focus of “DIY Shade – Shadesails Made Easy” is how to plan and install proven designs such as the industry standard “Hypar Design” Shadesails.  Once you’ve got the knowledge and experience you can get as advanced as you like but if you’ve never installed a shadesail before then let this is handbook be your foundation.

Is this DIY Shade book for You?
  • Have you ever thought about installing a shadesail but never knew where to start?
  • Have you ever wanted to create a beautiful cool shade area in your outside area but thought that it would cost to much?
  • Have you ever wondered how they make those shades looks so architecturally appealing?
  • Have you had a quote from a professional shade company and nearly had a heart attack when you saw the price?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you should read on because we are running a very Special Offer.

Shade Australia Shading DIY Gazebo

For a limited time we have a very Special Offer on our new book

“DIY Shade Shade Sails Made Easy”

Here’s the deal!
  • Order your copy of “DIY Shade – Shadesails Made Easy” right now and within minutes you will have the your own Shadesail Bible right there on your computer ready to read and apply.
  • When I started my business back in the summer of 2000 I wish this information was available.  It would have saved me thousands of dollars and countless “expensive lessons”.  Back then I paid an engineer thousands of dollars to calculate all the sizes of holes, poles and hardware and provide them to me in a detailed set of engineering charts.
  • I’ve taken that charts and summarized them so it’s easy for YOU as a Do-it-Yourself Shadesail Installer to read and apply them.  They are right there in the book ready for you to use.  Just those charts alone are worth their weight in gold if you’re considering installing your own shadesail.  They will ensure that the work you go to won’t be wasted.  That when you install your own shadesail you will be able to reference a chart that gives you the correct specifications for columns and footings.

Shade Australia DIY Sails

For a limited time you can pick up a copy

of “DIY Shade – Shadesails Made Easy” for just $67.


  • That by itself is a fantastic price for a decades knowledge all crammed into 60+ pages.  However as part of this Special Offer we will also include the following:
  • Buy a copy of DIY Shade Today and when you buy a shade sail from us within the next 6 Months: We will refund you the full  price of the book.  That basically means that you get the book for FREE!!
  • On top of that, if you buy your shadesail from us at Shade Australia we will give you a 50% discount off your stainless steel hardware.  Typically, the cost of equipping a shadesail with stainless steel hardware is $120.  That means you save another $60.
  • Also, if you buy the stainless steel hardware from us we will include a FREE Tube of stainless steel lubricant.  This is a common mistake people make – they buy expensive stainless steel fittings but don’t lubricate the threads before use.  What happens is a thing called “thread galling” which effectively ruins the turnbuckles.  I’ve seen this happen over and over again.  We will make sure that it doesn’t happen to you!  We’ll send you a FREE tube of special stainless steel lubricant with your hardware.


The fact is the the information that the book contains is based on knowledge built up over decades and thousands of shadesail installations and just one tip alone such as how deep to dig the holes could save the heartache of having to redo the entire job again after the first windstorm.

Shade Australia Shading DIY Gazebo


Don’t forget your FREE SHADESAIL REVIEW GUIDE. In it I look at some common shadesail designs!

By the way, here’s something else you should consider:

 Where do you want the shade to fall at certain times of the day?

Shade Australia Shading DIY Gazebo

This image shows the shade cast perfectly over the table and chairs.  If this was your area and you wanted mid-day shade, then it would be perfect.  What would happen though if you wanted  to shade this area mid-morning?

You have to remember that the sun is constantly moving across the sky.  Sometimes it’s best to position the shadesail to one side or the other in order to cast the shade where you want at a certain time.  We talk more about this in the book.  

Here’s What’s Covered in Each Chapter

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Shadesails

  • Why Install a Shadesail.
  • What is and what isn’t a Shadesail.
  • UVR Facts.

Chapter 2 – Planning for a Shadesail

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • Can I do it myself?
  • Movement of the sun.
  • Digging the holes.
  • Installing the columns.
  • Permanant or Tempory Installation.

Chapter 3 – Shadesail Design

  • How Shadesails are made.
  • Custom-made VS Ready-made.
  • What to look for when ordering your shadesail.
  • UVR Block VS Shade Factor.
  • Shadesail Designs.
  • Triangular Shadesails.
  • More Advanced Shadesail Designs.

Chapter 4 – Installing the Attachment Points

  • Poles in Holes.
  • What you need to know about Steel Columns.
  • Structural Detail Charts.
  • Calculating the Volume of Concrete Required.
  • Other Mounting Points.

Chapter 5 – Measuring Up for the Shadesail

  • How to Measure.
  • Take-offs.
  • Turnbuckle and Hardware Selection.
  • Hardware Guide Chart.

Chapter 6 – Fitting the Shadesail

  • How to fit a shadesail correctly.
  • Tensioning Larger Sails.

Chapter 7  – Shadesail Maintenance

Also included at the back are lots of handy resources including;

  • Measuring Guides.
  • Technical Shadecloth Specifications.
  • Fascier Fitting Guide.
  • Contacts.

DIY SHADE by Bell Parc

You’ll also get access to some useful videos we’ve put together showing you step-by-step some of the fundamametals such as;

  • How to measure up for a shadesail.

This book is tremendous value and we want you to end up with a great result but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some other people who have purchased this how to guide are saying;

Here’s A Question for You.

What Happens When A Shadesail fills with hail?

Hold your mouse over this picture and see the before and after shots.


This shadesail was put up to protect this car in the driveway.  Not long after it was installed a big hailstrorm when through and the sail filled with hail.  After the hail melted we went back, gave the sail a quick re-tension and it was as good as new.

That’s right shade sails are also hail sails.

Installing a DIY shadesail is a low cost way to provide shade and shelter for all types of outdoor areas including;

  • Swimming pools
  • BBQ Areas
  • Entertaining areas
  • Carports
  • Children play areas
  • As Indoor / Outdoor Rooms
  • Seating Areas
  • The list goes on…..


If you buy this book and it saves you from making this one mistake then I guarantee you will have gotten value for money.  Having done this for years, it seems that almost everyone who goes off and installs a shadesail themselves makes this mistake.  This book will make sure that you don’t!!

Apart from that, we’ll also make sure you avoid some of the other common mistakes people make.  We’ll cover in detail;

  • How to correctly measure-up so your shadeail fits perfectly.
  • How deep to dig your holes so your poles never move.
  • How to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on stainless steel fittings and ruining. them before the job is even finished.
  • How to minimize the curvature of the shadesail so that you get the coverage you need.


One of the common questions we often get asked is;

“Can I really do it all myself”?


Shade Australia ShadesailsCan I Really Do This Myself? Click To Listen -> DIY Shade

Well the answer is that after reading this book you will have all the information you need to make that decision. What we’ve found in the past is that after reading the book, some people choose not to carry out the whole job themselves but instead employing a tradie to do certain parts such as did the holes and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, this has proved to be very helpful because, now you know exactly what you’re talking about and can give very clear and specific instructions to any tradespeople you employ so you end up with exactly what you want.

At the end of the day what you’re going to get is not only a professional quality shadesail for a fraction of the price of having someone else do it all for you. You’re also going to get that sense of achievement which comes from doing a really good job yourself. You’ve invested in your knowledge and you’ve implemented the skills that you’ve learned.

Now’s the time to pick up your copy of this step by step, easy to follow manual. It covers everything you need to know (and more) about how to plan, design and install a professional quality shadesail.

diy shade gazebo shade sail

Of course, if you order your copy today and don’t think that the information in it is what you’d expected or if you don’t believe you’ve gotten VALUE FOR MONEY just contact us right here and we’ll arrange to REFUND YOU THE PURCHASE PRICE IN FULL.


There’s a few simple ways to order DIY Shade – Shadesails Made Easy

  1. Click the Order Button below and pay using a credit card or PAYPAL.  We use a fully secure transaction gateway so you can be sure your information is completely safe.
  2. Pick up the phone and give us a call. If you’re in Australia call us on 1300 155 233 and we can take your order over the phone and email your copy right away.
  3. Send us an email and we’ll contact you.  Our email is

Important Order Details:

If you order by clicking the button below you will go to a secure sign-in page for Paypal.  Once your transaction has gone through you will be directed to the secure download page on our website where you can download your ebook as a .pdf file.  If you have any problems what-so-ever,  just give our office a call on 61 2 96010883 and we will get things sorted out for you.

That’s it from us but we’d love to hear back from you.  Please let us know how you go.  Send us an email with questions, comments and feedback at DIY Shade! We’d love to hear back from you with your experiences as well as see some photos of your job.


Take action today – A study done by the Cancer Council of Australia reports that as little as just 11 minutes of exposure to the suns UV Radiation can be all it takes for the first signs of sunburn. Make sure that you and your family are protected from the suns harmful UV rays under the shadesail that YOU Build!

gazebo diy shade australia


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Amazon Book Reviews

“I’m really glad I got my hands on this book. I was just about to buy my poles but when I read the chart I realised that they were much to light. I swapped them for stronger ones”

- Peter H

“This book really lays the whole thing on the table. It’s easy to follow but covers some pretty technical stuff. I reckon I might even start my own shadesail business after reading it.

- Tim M

“We installed a shadecloth in our community preschool a few years ago and it didn’t turn out so well. We were going to get a professional in this time but after picking up a copy of this book I’m pretty sure we can make a much better job it it this time – and save ourselves a lot of money as well.”

-Chris W